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Your injured nerve may be the cause of your migraine

Migraine headaches can occur as a result of injuries. Sometimes, the nerves in the head or the neck get pinched and in severe cases, the nerve can get compressed or injured. The excessive strain that the injured nerve experiences, results in your developing migraine headaches. In severe cases, the headaches can become chronic.

Treating nerve injury-related chronic headaches can be challenging. Without an experienced medical practitioner at your side, you may not find an ideal solution. Dr. David Rosenberg, MD has worked as a plastic surgeon and a migraine specialist for over 8 years and he has extensive experience providing various treatments to address migraine headaches. Our clinic is in Beverly Hills, California. Call or visit us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosenberg.

migraine specialist beverly hills

Nerve block treatment for migraines and headaches

For patients who suffer from migraine headaches due to nerve compression or nerve injury, we use migraine nerve block treatment to “put the nerve to sleep” with a local anesthetic. The nerve block treatment is similar to the way Novocaine is used by your dentist. The treatment acts as a local anesthetic and numbs the nerves against pain. The injured or compressed nerve stops transmitting pain signals for a period of a few hours to a few days, depending on the extensiveness of the treatment provided.

Much like the Botox treatment, the migraine nerve block treatment is a diagnostic test to determine if a patient’s migraines are caused by a compressed or injured nerve. The nerve block treatment is not meant as a continuous treatment for migraines. The objective of this treatment is to find out where the injury or nerve compression is and relieve the pain for a temporary period of time. The nerve block treatment is ideal for anyone who suffers sporadic migraines and who need immediate relief. If the migraines are chronic, the treatment will help the patients get instantaneous relief and provide the medical practitioner time to create a more personalized treatment plan.

As a diagnostic tool, this treatment is extremely useful. The nerve block treatment helps medical practitioners pinpoint exactly where the injury is and how extensive the damage is. It will also help patients understand their migraine nerve blocks better and teach them how to handle migraines effectively. In fact, Dr. Rosenberg recommends this treatment for anyone who experiences chronic headaches or other migraine-caused symptoms. Knowing what is wrong can help you care for your body.

migraine specialist beverly hills

Experience instant pain relief

The nerve block treatment is designed to provide patients a quick and instantaneous solution to their pain. Compressed or injured nerves are extremely painful and they can create multiple problems for sufferers. Nerve injury or compression is common in people of all age groups. In order to treat the condition, it is important to know why nerve injuries occur in the first place.

Causes of nerve compression and injury include:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Bad posture
  • Weak muscles and nerves
  • Body spasms and twitching
  • Insufficient blood flow to the affected area
  • Age-related arthritis

The nerve block treatment typically provides relief for 4-6 hours, but some patients have experienced prolonged headache relief for 3-14 days. This ultimately depends on how extensive your nerve compression or injury is and the way the treatment was administered.

The treatment involves using a local anesthetic to inhibit the pain reactors in your head and neck from responding to the pain signals sent by your nerves. When administered, the anesthetic soothes your injured nerves and relieves it of the compression temporarily. While this treatment isn’t a permanent solution to your migraine problem, it certainly is beneficial if you want immediate comfort.

Our nerve block treatment has had great success in the past, with patients from across the United States coming in for the treatment. But, it must be remembered, that being a medical procedure, the treatment does have certain risks involved. Complications may include tenderness at the injections site for 24 hours and slight bruising. However, Dr. Rosenberg has extensive experience providing this treatment and his experience as a plastic surgeon ensures that you will be cared for.

migraine nerve block treatment

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migraine specialist beverly hills

Visit the Beverly Hills headache doctor for help

A compressed or injured nerve isn’t just painful; it’s also the cause of multiple health problems. Dr. David Rosenberg is a migraine specialist with considerable experience and you can rely on him for personalized care. His nerve block treatment is sure to be beneficial for patients who suffer from migraine-related chronic headaches and other related symptoms.

Our treatment is safe and designed to help people of all age groups. Dr. Rosenberg will understand your medical history and design a treatment plan suited to your exact requirements. Feel free to contact our clinic in Beverly Hills, if you need information about the treatment or require post-treatment care advice. We are always here to help.



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