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In the United States alone, over 28 million suffer from migraine headaches. Amazingly, 9 million people find that migraine medication offers them no relief from migraines.

Are you suffering from migraine headaches?

Has medication failed to help your pain? Our migraine treatments could be what you need to experience relief.

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Experience the California Headache & Migraine Clinic difference

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Chronic migraines?
  • A worsening of a lifelong headache pattern?
  • Headaches or migraines following trauma?
  • The sudden onset of severe headaches?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, we recommend a consultation with Dr. Rosenberg, the most sought-after headache specialist Los Angeles has to offer. This will give you a clear idea of whether or not our migraine treatments might be able to help your pain.

Different approaches of Migraine Relief surgery are used depending on the location and focus of the headache. For headaches focused in the brow/forehead region, the muscles known as the corrugator supercilli are gently removed. Migraine Specialist Dr. Rosenberg also looks for other sites of compression or damage of the supraorbital or supratrochlear nerves, which may be related to the triggering of migraine headaches. Learn more about the different types of migraine treatments available to you.

Botox Migraine Treatment is a simple injection that works in several ways to help improve the symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches. Botox for headaches temporarily weakens the muscles that are linked to triggering headaches and migraines.

For patients who suffer from migraine headaches due to nerve compression or nerve injury, we use nerve block treatment to “put the nerve to sleep” with a local anesthetic. The nerve block treatment is similar to the way Novocaine is used by your dentist.

Sometimes, non-surgical migraine treatments don’t provide a full solution. In such cases, surgery can help. Dr. David Rosenberg, MD is an experienced plastic surgeon, who has spent 8 years developing and perfecting the Migraine Relief surgery.

migraine specialist beverly hills

Get relief from your migraine

Dr. Rosenberg is renowned as the most expert headache specialist Los Angeles has available when it comes to treating migraines. Recent research demonstrates that many patients with chronic head pain experience relief when specific muscles are weakened temporarily with Botox treatment, and surgery offers a more-permanent solution for most of these patients. Success rates for migraine patients are approximately 80%.

If you are experiencing severe pain, you have likely seen multiple specialists, you’ve had many tests/evaluations, and have tried a wide variety of drugs and treatments. Our clinic treats migraines and chronic headaches by determining whether your pain is related to a particular type of nerve compression syndrome caused by small muscles in either the eyebrows and/or at the base of the skull.

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