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Botox Headache and Migraine Treatment

What is Botox Headache & Migraine Treatment?

Botox headache and migraine treatment is a simple injection that works in several ways to help improve the symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches. Botox for headaches temporarily weakens the muscles that are linked to triggering headaches and migraines.

Botox also affects the nerves within those muscles, helping to reduce the incidence of these headaches.

Ultimately, Botox injection is used as a diagnostic test to determine if those muscles and nerves are causing your pain, and a preview of what you might expect to experience from one or more of our surgical procedures.

Is The Back of the Head Another Source of Migraine Headaches?

Botox Treatment for Compression of Nerves

Sometimes the trigger spot for a migraine is the back of the head. The major nerve in question in this area is the greater occipital nerve. Other nerves that can be involved include the lesser occipital nerve and the third occipital nerve.

Botox Treatment can be used to relax the compression of these nerves.

If Botox Treatment provides significant relief to headache pain, injections be repeated at intervals of 2-3 months, or surgical removal of part of the semispinalis nerve may give more permanent relief.

Complications from Botox for Headaches could include:

Unbalanced muscle weakening that could alter the position of the brows or eyelids and make them asymmetrical. These changes are temporary, as Botox is always temporary, but could last several months and be distressing. However, these asymmetries are notably rare.

Rarely, the Botox could migrate down toward the muscles controlling the upper eyelid, paralyzing them slightly and causing the upper lid to droop. A positive side-effect of Botox Treatment could include: a smoothing of the forehead and mid-brow.

Nerve Blocks are another diagnostic tool for evaluating migraines and chronic headaches. Click here to learn about this procedure.

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